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From Keith Mitchelson

Concerning the article on an independent Scotland, I think the writer is living in “cloud cuckoo land “. Scotland is very much dependent on subsidies from the UK. Currently the following benefits are available:

Free medical prescriptions (all ages )

No University fees

£38 billion budget from the UK (for every £100 per head Scotland receives £129 per head)

Additionally there is virtually no industry in Scotland; the Scottish Government is by far the biggest employer ie no revenue only expenditure.

I therefore believe Scotland would be far poorer by leaving the UK. It would have to trim its spending dramatically (that will go down well) and suffer very high rates on the Bond Markets with its borrowings.

Nicola Sturgeon appeared on a tv programme last Sunday interviewed by Andrew Marr (a Scot). She was not up to the task - no financial modelling had been undertaken by the SNP. It therefore remains a very easy emotional aspiration but with no understanding of the potential consequences.

End of rant from a proud Scotsman!

From Michael Acheson

I have to say that as an Ulsterman I greatly appreciated Michael Carberry's excellent article regarding Scottish independence - And be a nation again. I am not entirely unfamiliar with the topic having spent 5 years at school in Edinburgh, and 3 years at work, thus demonstrating the links that exist between Northern Ireland and Scotland, even though the Achesons trace their migration from Scotland to Ulster back to 1609.


It is quite clear that the governing Home Counties clique is seriously out of touch with the aspirations of those outside England. I have Brexit-proofed my French residency by taking up Irish nationality which I used to despise and have now become proud.

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